Frequently Asked Questions

Client Expectations

How often can I expect to hear from my advisor?

Depending on your needs, we are available to meet with you on an annual, semiannual or quarterly basis. Of course, you are welcome to call us at any time with questions or concerns.

We provide portfolio updates at least quarterly, detailing your consolidated portfolio, investment performance, account balances, securities transactions, realized and unrealized gains and losses, income and expenses and management fees. Updates also include our commentary on the economy and current market conditions.

How will I know when trading activity occurs in any of my accounts?

In addition to delivering monthly statements, our unaffiliated third-party custodians issue written trade confirmations each time there is a trade in your account. If you choose, you can request online access to these confirmations and statements. We include this information in your Evermay quarterly reports as well.

What kind of investment performance might I expect?

The performance of any portfolio is heavily dependent on asset allocation. Your asset allocation is based on your personal goals, appetite for risk and the amount of capital you have to invest. Therefore, your results will be unique. That being said, our open investment model enables us to select the best-performing funds and managers from the available universe.