Become Part of the Evermay Family

You own a small wealth management firm with an established list of clients. You’re ready to retire, but you want to do right by your clients. What’s your plan? Or maybe you’re early into your career but find your current situation doesn’t fulfill your goals and mesh with your personal values or your philosophy of wealth management. Is it time for a change?

Evermay just might be your answer. Give us a call. Let’s talk about the next steps in your life and career, and how you and your clients can become part of our family.

Evermay Helped Mary Riley Transition to Retirement

After more than 30 years as a portfolio manager, retirement was calling. Before that could happen, Mary wanted to find a home for her clients—a new financial advisor who would serve them with the same vision and values. Her client base was mostly a mix of retirees, entrepreneurs and medical professionals who were at various stages of life and had different family dynamics. They needed a high level of personal service.

Beth Larson is one of Evermay’s senior advisors. She and Mary had previously worked together as financial professionals. Mary trusted Beth’s advice, and so reached out. After several months of discussions, Mary was convinced that Evermay’s philosophy and management style was a good fit for her clients. After a successful client transition, Mary continued to provide counsel to Evermay and her former clients for two years and received financial compensation for doing so.

Today, Mary is comfortable that she made the right decision.

Eric Schaefer Fits In

A series of changes in ownership and management, and a shift in culture made it clear to Eric that it was time to find a new home for his practice. He talked to nearly a dozen advisory firms in the D.C. area, including some of the most venerable names in the industry.

Evermay offered what Eric was looking for: technology, resources, personal service and attentiveness to clients.

Eric was also drawn to Evermay’s team approach: It’s not uncommon for multiple advisors to review client situations. A second, third or even fifth set of eyes on a complex financial situation can ensure a client’s needs are fully understood and properly addressed.

The clincher was the shared goals. Both Evermay and Eric had their sights set firmly on the future, and a vision to help families find peace of mind through proper planning and stewardship.