A Richer Life Defined

As wealth managers, we immerse ourselves in the world of finance and in service to our clients. We understand that each client is different, with different goals, different priorities, different hopes and dreams.

When we talk about helping you build a richer life, it is more than a single-minded goal to increase your net worth. It is with a deeper understanding of what wealth means to your life and to your loved ones.

Getting There

The first step is a conversation. A dialogue. We believe face-to-face works best. We listen to and understand your financial needs, goals and expectations and measure them against your current situation. At the same time, we get to know you and your family, developing a relationship that is as much personal as it is business.

Then we create a financial plan for you. A plan that incorporates wealth counseling, because it’s not enough just to work out the numbers. Flexibility is essential. While a few of our clients take an active role in investment decisions, others take a more passive approach. Finding what is right for you is the key.

We also guide clients on how best to use wealth and handle the family dynamics that are affected by it. Finding the balance between the future and the now. This is a truly comprehensive approach to wealth management. It’s how Evermay can help guide you to a richer life.